apple-vs-samsungThis story should open your eyes to the true nature of Samsung, and where their billions of advertising dollars are actually going. It should also make you concerned that this kind of FUD and payola is getting a free ride on “credible” newswires, paid financial services, and respected blogs.

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18 Responses to DigiTimes Is A Samsung Shill

  1. davidcree says:

    Brilliant Ernie. thanks

  2. Eric Brady says:

    Good video, thanks. I’d have to put many of Forbes Apple stories in the Samsung payola pocket too. Or at the very least writers/editors purposively posting negative stories just to get page views. Seems with the mass of these negative Apple stories there will be some form of self-fulfilling prophecy with people starting to believe the hype. We’ll find out Tuesday during the Q2 report.

  3. Alex says:

    Great video and good point, thanks. Keep doing this

  4. Mike says:

    Well said. I own two Samsung televisions and I will NEVER purchase any Samsung product of any kind ever again.
    This is shameful behavior and this company should be embarrassed at their behavior. I am sharing this with all of my friends, colleagues, and relatives.
    Samsung = “Cheating and copying is our innovation”

  5. Julia Krauck says:

    Excellent work! Hope this goes viral because it’s so obvious there is a smear campaign against Apple. Also, that Cirrus Information which caused the big $24 tank the other day is totally out of context. Some of these so called analysts failed to see that probably the chips were made obsolete by something newer or a different supplier. Thanks for your info!

  6. Apple Shareholder says:

    Thank you for exposing the slimy SOB’s. Also, isn’t the judge making rulings in the Apple vs. Samsung patent litigation of South Korean heritage. That is cause for her to recuse herself, in my opinion. So far she seems to favor Samsung. Maybe you should shed some light on her, Ernie.

  7. littlefish1234 says:

    Completely agree that Samsung is cheating. But, Tim Cook is a big boy and he has access to timely intel and massive resources. He is choosing not to respond in a credible manner to the media abuse that has been heaped on his company. Maybe T.C. feels that he is above this, or the slime campaign will not matter when his grand vision becomes clear to the market in a few years. Who knows what he is thinking. But, the short-term effect is that the popular perception of his company has been seriously harmed by the constant attacks on his firm. These attacks that have gone largely unanswered by Apple. I believe that what potential customers are willing to pay for Apple products is directly linked to the general perception of the company. Samsung has successfully killed a lot of the Apple popular image advantage, and they have not done it by making better products. Samsung accurately predicted that this Apple management team is so tightly cocooned in their ivory tower that they would not respond to Samsung’s abuses. It is the ultimate proof of “know thy enemy.” Frankly, though I do not approve of their methods, I am impressed at what Samsung has been able to do to Apple- even though it cost me money as an APPL long. I hope that the good work that you are doing on your blog will awaken someone over at Apple to actually suggest to management that they form a strategy for responding to this “black ops” campaign.


  8. Jason says:


    Has anyone from Digitimes contacted you to clear it up?


  9. iris says:

    good job earnie!

  10. We deserve to know. says:

    Is Judge Lucy Koh’s heritage South Korean? Is she biased for Samsung?

  11. Another CrazyOne says:

    To all those questioning Judge Lucy Koh – you *CANNOT* smear her like that. She has been pretty even handed to both Apple and Samsung.

    If you research her history a little more, I believe she once worked for Apple as well. That would be a better reason for her to recuse herself.

    Ernie – wow! Good job catching this.

  12. Apple Shareholder says:

    “Another CrazyOne” must be a Samsung pawn, paid or unpaid. There is no way Judge Lucy Koh could have worked for Apple. She should recuse herself and erase any doubt about her apparent bias.

  13. Shamesung says:

    Hi Ernie, we need to blow the lid on this crap
    Please share your story in this thread

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