Gene Munster

Gene Munster, Managing Director, Piper Jaffray

I can’t fault Gene for playing Karnak the Magnificent and try to guess what Apple might release as a product, but it should be off the record. There’s a significant number of people out there that think Gene has some inside connections at Apple, and so what he says might happen, is taken as gospel. The fact is many people at Apple, even in high posts, have no idea what will be released. And it does a disservice to investors to be led into financial decisions based on pure fantasy.

Hey, I like Gene, he’s one of the few analysts out there that gets Apple. But he shouldn’t soil that reputation and hurt thousands of investors by intentionally misleading them.

After a string of incorrect Apple-related predictions — including a supposed “new product event” in March or April — one of Gene Munster’s prognostications came true yesterday, as Apple announced an online radio service at its WWDC conference. Back in October 2012, Munster predicted that Apple would release such a service in 2013.

Since we began tracking him in late 2012, Munster has gone 9 for 15 with his predictions for a $0.82 yield, resulting in an F grade. Visit Gene Munster’s PunditTracker Profile page (click here) to see his other predictions, many of which are still open for voting (we grade you on your votes afterwards!). Munster continues to call for both a TV and watch, although as time passes, his timelines steadily get pushed back.

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3 Responses to Gene Munster – Gets An Apple Predication Right!

  1. GeneralmotorsGravytrain says:

    This man is a publicity seeker, nothing more. When he talks, no one should listen unless they want to lose money. The saddest fact is that no matter what Apple does, the share price will continue to drop. Apple either doesn’t have a clue on how to boost Apple’s share price or just don’t care to. No new investors should put money into a stock where the company is making plenty of money, but shareholders continue to lose money. It’s just plain foolish to choose Apple when there are so many lesser companies investors can easily make money from. The way Apple runs the company is completely counter from how Wall Street wants to see a company being run.

  2. Chris Renaldi says:

    I like gene…

  3. Chris Renaldi says:

    you voting buttons are wrong and vote down or negative vote when the up arrow is pushed…

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