Gene Munster

Gene Munster, Managing Director, Piper Jaffray

The reports are in, and we have a consensus among analysts that the new iPhone will be the same story, just a different day. Where in the past Apple has introduced an S model, that was basically faster with incremental improvements like better camera and more memory, so will the new iPhone follow suit. Don’t expect anything really cool like a bigger screen or biometric devices, like a fingerprint scanner, just a better camera and more memory, and perhaps some new software services.

“The new 5S, as analysts expect the new phone to be called, will follow the usual drill — faster processor, improved camera and more storage, says Gene Munster”

But Wait! There’s hard evidence that the newest addition to the iPhone will actually be the iPhone 5C, where the “C” presumably stands for color cases. This will be the cheap iPhone so many have speculated on, but now there’s hard evidence that it actually exists. Check out this video, and this website.

Gene is still holding his breath for the Apple TV, which I predict he’ll be turning many shades of blue. I personally don’t see an Apple TV anytime soon. Maybe in 2015. But what will that mean to investors? Will they punish Apple again by driving the stock into the ground? And what of Carl Icahn who just made a substantial investment in Apple, saying that he thought the company was extremely undervalued, which caused Apple’s stock price to skyrocket, and all my Apple trading systems went nuts hitting all time equity highs.

Thanks Carl!

AiTraders Hit All Time Highs

Here’s more from Munster…

“Apple rumor websites have floated possibilities such as a bigger screen for the new iPhone 5S and even fingerprint technology for security, but Munster and Baker don’t expect either of those. Munster says Apple is holding big innovation for 2014, which he believes will see the introduction of an Apple TV product and a connected watch that will interact with the iPhone.”

“But the damage for a likely introduction of a new iPhone just slightly different from the iPhone 5 has already been done, says Munster. ‘The stock started to fall off after the iPhone 5 came out when investors realized the follow-up would be incremental. The underwhelming part of the iPhone 5S is already factored into the stock price.’

‘The substance of the announcement is the cheaper phone,’ he adds”

2 Responses to Gene Munster – iPhone 5S Will Be The Same Old Shyte

  1. bandata says:

    This joker is angry that stock price went back to $500. He is a bear nutcase in the pockets of Samsung. Ignore.

  2. Below$550AShareIsPathetic!}:-D says:

    I find it odd Apple waited so long to introduce merely a slightly upgraded iPhone with no new hardware features. If this is the case then Apple has just given up trying to make any dent into the smartphone market with their high-end iPhone. I wonder why the company would find it so difficult to introduce new iPhone hardware. I don’t trust Munster to get anything right about what Apple is actually doing so I’ll just wait for Apple’s announcement on September 10th.

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