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How It Works

The AppleInvestor AutoTraders are a set of diversified, non-correlated trading strategies implemented as software programs that run on the Tradestation trading platform. These strategies produce buy and sell trade signals, that are automatically traded in your Tradestation brokerage account.

How You Benefit

The strategies deliver institutional-grade performance, freeing you from the burden of complex technical analysis and hedging, and from the toils of complex market analysis.

As your own fund manager, you can feel completely secure that the AutoTraders will execute trades perfectly and completely autonomously, allowing you to achieve your profit goals and return on capital, while protecting you from market anomalies and price shocks.

Apple AutoTrader


Click to view the AutoTrader as it would appear on your computer screen.

Features of the Service

Stocks Traded

There are currently four stocks traded by four strategies, for a total of sixteen systems. The stocks were chosen based on their market diversity and liquidity. We trade AAPL, NFLX, AMZN and FB.

Strategies Used

The strategies have been running in a production environment, with real customers and real money for years. They are non-correlating, providing natural hedging. The systems include strategies based on volatility, Momentum, Volume, date patterns, and inter-market divergences.


The service comes with unparalleled support. If you have a problem or question, simply call and you get an immediate response. And if needed, we will setup a live on-screen session to analyze your question.