Betty Didcoct TIES Financial

I bumped into Ernie through an AAPL Google alert and was immediately captured by his straight-forward, no-hype explanations, market overviews, and technical analysis. As an off and on investor in AAPL and a Apple/Mac lover for over two decades – it was a match made in heaven.

I particularly have been trying to learn how to make effective use of Candles and that one Google alert clarified some fuzzy thinking in a few short sentences. I signed up for Ernie’s newsletter and have been following Ernie as Zach Bass, Investor in the Wilderness, twitlinker, and AppleInvestor ever since. After reading multiple newsletters (most all have fallen by the wayside,) attending investment classes and webinars, reading books, and managing my own trading accounts with only mediocre results, things are improving! The MACD, Stochastics, RSI, Moving Averages, and Volume are speaking to me more clearly, thanks to Ernie. AppleInvestor has become a primary source for daily information. And one of the coolest things….Ernie answers his email, actively participates in his forum, and is very accessible.

With Ernie’s two live daily sessions at market open and close, seeing his explanations in the real-time market has taken my level of understanding to a new level; to really “grok” what he shares. Do not hesitate. Go to AppleInvestor.com. Sign up. Join the live daily sessions! You won’t regret it.

Samantha Chapnick CEO KidCity NYC NY

This morning was a perfect example of why Ernie Varitimos’ service is worth many multiples of its cost. I shorted apple and within a matter of minutes it went from down 80 cents to up more than $3. As I was still convinced it would go down, I let it ride. Today, it was up almost $2.50 in the premarket. I wondered if it was time to get out, maybe time to cut my losses. I read Ernie’s daily investor outlook where he believed we’d get a small bump from being oversold, but then the downtrend would continue. That convinced me to stay short. By midmorning it was heading down.

This is at least the 15th time Ernie’s information has helped reaffirm my own instincts and influenced my decision. I attribute at least half my profits DIRECTLY to Ernie’s assistance. What makes Ernie stand out from all other TA and pundits is his accessibility. In the year I have been working with him, there has never been a time when I call and don’t get him directly. He reads his email quickly and if it is urgent, is always there.

I strongly suggest becoming a member of the Apple Investor if you are serious about making money with the stock market.

Richard Carruthers

If (like me) you find stochastics and RSIs as confusing as Egyptian Hieroglyphics, let Ernie decipher the charts for you – he’s unmatched at reading the technical tea leaves.

Randy Young CEO Emotitees

Though I only know Ernie for a short time , I find his knowledge about the stock market uncanny. Among all the financial newsletters I get, his newsletter is always the one that I read first . I have been trading in the market for over 20 years and wish I had met Ernie sooner. This guy knows his stuff and I highly recommend that anybody who is currently investing in the market today, read his insightful newsletter, before investing a dime in the stock market today !

Steve Ebling Lake Zurich, Illinois

I have followed Ernie for several months. His thoughts on the market generally and Apple particularly are spot on! His commentary is a tutorial on technical analysis.

Gary Stein

I have found Ernie’s AppleInvestor site to be filled with timely and accurate information from the first day I came across Erine on Twitter.

I donated to his blog because his advice on investing has saved me money, and made me money in the market. I hope he does the same for you.

Frank Andrews

I have found, to my chagrin, that when I am at serious odds with Ernie’s predictions, and particularly when he backs his opinions based on his reading of technical indicators from his charts, that I am not only frequently wrong, but I lose a lot of money.His insights are timely and prescient.

BTheis San Diego CA

As an AAPL investor based in San Diego California, I can tell you first hand how much I have enjoyed and relied upon Ernie to keep me informed. His material is always factual, informative and animated! As I am actually writing this while vacationing on a cruise ship in Antarctica I can’t thank Ernie enough for his second by second coverage of the iPad unveiling. Without him I would have missed the entire thing. He is an asset to all AAPL investors.

Cheri White

Ernie does a great job of staying on top of the market. Every morning for the past year I have looked forward to his view on the market for that day. His latest videos are state of the art and very easy to follow. He has a very clear articulate way of teaching and can teach the skills of technical analysis to all. Plus he adds his humor and wit to make it fun while learning and staying on top of the market.

Ira J. Zohn

I have been following Apple Investor for the past 2 years. It has been extremely informative to me as an investor. Ernie’s knowledge about the markets movement is spot on, especially if you invest in Apple, Inc. I alway anxiously look forward to reading his messages to help prepare and guide myself for the market. Ernie is like having a pair of crutches when you need them.

Richard T. Carling

I have been following Ernie (or should I say the apple-investor) for about six months now, and signed up to get his website email alerts around 2 months ago (whenever it started). I have been trading stocks for many years and consider myself knowledgeable in Fundamentals, Technical and Market Sentiment. Erni is amazing in how he can put into plan English what I have taken years to learn, and like other great stock analysts, sometimes he says things I don’t want to hear. The problem is he gets it right when I don’t want to accept it. If you want someone who can guide you to profits and preservation of capital in the up times and the down times, Ernie is the one your looking for.


Ernie give great quick chart analysis that even the average Joe can understand. Great charts and my first check on the market status daily! Thanks Ernie.

Thom Leidner

For the life of me I can’t remember exactly how I fell upon this group, I believe it was from reading Ernie’s writings on Seeking Alpha. The group has grown nicely and each week a new group of voices appear that offer quality insight. I like the fact that there are different attacks to the same problem; how to make money on AAPL’s price movements. Short, long, cash? All aspects are discussed. TA, FA, Fibonacci, and I’m waiting for an Elliot Wave/Gann tech to chime in so I can learn more. One of the best things I’ve gained from this group is it makes you focus your thoughts, vital for effective trading. There are a lot of smart players here and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Claudio Lizzola

My way of investing in Apple is buying physical shares and holding them. No short sale, no options, no protective puts or anything else. I frankly don’t know what they are. Occasionally I sell my not small holdings and buy it back, most of the time at a lower price.

The information I got from the Group has helped me in deciding when to sell and when to buy back. Since I joined I made 4 trades, all on the plus side, with a profit of more than $16K.

Skip Weiler

I work on Macs all day everyday for a big printing company. So, I am very passionate about apple. When you look up in the dictionary “Novice” my name is there as far as investing goes. I, too am long on apple with limited knowledge of most “tech talk on stock trading”. However, since joining this group I am gaining a lot of knowledge. The combined knowledge and experience of this group is just AWESOME! However, with most of my trades being tied up in a 401, there are limits of what I can and cant do. So, for me getting in and getting out based on the group is very important to me. Thanks again for such a great group.

Joe Benevides

I’ve been Long in AAPL since 1997. I had enjoyed quite a bit of individual success investing in the company for the long haul. However, I had never really been a ‘trader’ in AAPL until I came across one of Ernie’s articles with an invitation to join which I did.

Well, the variety of experiences and insight, from pros to novices, helped me to trading decisions which netted me just under $12,000 in my initial 30 days. The level headedness of many of the members in the aftermath of the irrational selloff since the earnings CC has helped me keep my head on straight.

Even though I was Long going into earnings, I did not panic. In times past, I might have done just that. Ernie has helped keep me focused on the ball. In time, I’ll profit handsomely from following and learning from their well honed experiences. I now fully embrace the 2 headed mantra: Preservation of Capital & Maximization of Profit! Thanks.