What You Get

The Apple Investor site is a focused investment resource for people that trade Apple (AAPL). Even if you’re not a big AAPL trader, you’ll acquire valuable knowledge in the art of Technical Analysis and Money Management, applicable to any stock or security. NOTE: Premium Membership is Closed, for a limited time Guests enjoy the same benefits as Premium members.

AppleInvestor Blog – public

The blog covers a wide range of timely and informative topics that revolve around the art of investing in Apple (AAPL). It is published 4-6 times a week and is typically 400-600 words in length chock full of media to illustrate the point, including graphics, annotated charts and video. The categories include:

  • Analyst Ratings
  • Investor Guide
  • Technical Analysis
  • iPhone/iPod
  • Newsletter
  • Editorial

Apple Investor News – public

This page is critical to the AppleInvestor because it aggregates all the latest Apple news from around the Internet, and is automatically updated every 15 minutes! It only takes a few seconds to scan the latest headlines from thousands of the most prominent websites, covering the analysts and news that might affect Apple’s stock price. When you hover your mouse pointer over a headline, a synopsis of the story appears,letting you get the gist of the article, saving you time!

At the top of the Apple Investor News aggregator, you’ll find links to similar pages for most of the tech stocks we follow here on this site that are related to Apple, like GOOG, RIMM, INTC, etc! It’s an incredibly valuable resource, and it’s FREE!

AppleInvestor Podcast – public

The Apple Investor podcast will be produced once per week. It will recap the past week’s market action and news, and will provide commentary and an outlook for the coming week. The podcast is available on iTunes and YouTube. Some episodes will have video, most are audio. Click this iTunes link to get a sample of past podcasts.

Action Alerts – members

These are daily HTML formatted alerts, which include pre-market reports, market updates and alerts of significant events.  The first one usually comes out each morning before the market opens, letting you know about market futures, economic reports on tap that might move the market, analysis of the previous days session, annotated charts and commentary, and much more.

Below are the archives of the HTML alerts over the past year or more. There are also text alerts that will be sent to you as well. I send text alerts if there’s not enough time to format an HTML alert, so that it will get to you in a timely fashion.

Alerts Archive (2008-2009)

Year Months
2009 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2008 November, December

I listed the very first few alerts below, because here is where I called the 2009 March low in the S&P of 666, a full five months in advance, and to the dollar!!

Intraday Charts & Commentary – members

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Technical Analysis Education – members

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Forum – members

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Guest Commentary – members

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Apple Analyst Tracker – members

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