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Ernie Varitimos

Ernie Varitimos, Editor

Ernie is the creator and editor of the AppleInvestor website. He has a long history with Apple as a business owner, investor, trader and consumer of its technology. He started his career as a rocket scientist and spent the past 30 years driving, controlling and influencing technology in the financial industry. Ernie is a former hedge fund manager and current options and futures trader.

The premise behind the AppleInvestor Trade Room is to train and mentor traders on how to trade stock options the anti-fragile methodology, which means the strategy gains strength when volatility increases. We focus on stocks that fit the characteristics of our strategy, and that includes Apple (AAPL). We also trade indexes, ETFs and futures.

Ernie trades a live account during the day, and publishes all his trades as alerts for subscribers. He describes the analytical process prior to the trade and how it fits into the overall methodology. Students are free and welcome to ask questions and receive assistance concerning the trade or any other related topic.

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If you have any question about the service,
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Ernie Varitimos