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Peter Misek | Jefferies & Co

Yesterday Jefferies analyst Peter Misek released an investor note that assumes Apple won’t be releasing the iPhone 6 until June of next year, 2014. Mr. Misek apparently has become an expert on Apple release plans and supply chain management, or perhaps he’s just making stuff up to insert more fear, uncertainty and doubt into the market. Guess which one I choose.

I find his assertion laughable since his track record is so abysmal, just look at his target price of $420, which was eclipsed over the past few days. And even if he were a competent analyst, he knows nothing of Apple internal plans or their [Apple] supply chain operations. This information is closely held by, and released on a need-to-know basis. Besides, Apple uses multiple suppliers and changes them up all the time, based on shifting conditions, so observing things from the outside will provide misleading information.

Even if Mr. Misek was correct, it wouldn’t matter to the core Apple consumer. I conducted a survey; of course it isn’t exactly scientific, but when you look at how overwhelming the sentiment was of the respondents, it is clear they don’t care when the iPhone 6 is released, they’ll get it when it arrives. It is fully apparent that Misek does not understand the culture of the Apple customer.

misek-callsCheck out below Misek’s Apple targets vs actual price, click to enlarge, and below that the poll that shows how unconcerned Apple customers are about when the iPhone 6 will be released.


9 Responses to Peter Misek – Says iPhone 6 Won’t Arrive Until June 2014

  1. Major says:

    14 body or 16 header?

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Ernie
    Apple investor news got your headline wrong and it says 2016 not 2014

  3. Chris says:

    I, unfortunately, have to agree on your assessment on these self serving scumbags- I mean analysts.

    How come we cannot get these slime dogs under some legal process? Is there anyway to put away some one that intentionally misleads public to swipe their money through their sponsors/employers aka brokerages.

    I suggest we create a wall of shame and rank these thieves.

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